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What gets you out of bed each morning? What’s the fire that, despite a bad day, keeps you moving forward? Don’t lose sight of that. Those passions are what make life worth living. For four friends in LA, Rival Tides is that fire.

In March 2019, Rival Tides released their first full-length album, “My God Is Fire,” produced by Beau Burchell (Saosin, The Bronx, Senses Fail). It is being received by an ever-growing audience, including a devoted mass of Indiegogo supporters whose pledges helped fund the recording of the 10-track record. “It’s that link between the fiber of your being and the sound pouring through your speakers or headphones that make you feel as though you weren’t fully alive before that piece of music reached your ears. It’s what Rival Tides demonstrates with every song they release” (Substream, February 2019)

Rival Tides’ “…skilled guitar noodling, muscular drumming and lead vocals that pack both sincerity and intensity in equal measure” (Music Connection, May 2016) is often compared to acts such as Hands Like Houses and I the Mighty, while pulling influences from artists such as Thrice, Anberlin, and Saosin.

Since their inception in late 2012, the LA-based rock band continues to be driven by their shared love of creating music, performing, and connecting with others. The group, consisting of Robyn August, Spencer Kent, Jason Friday, and Greg Fulleman, has two independently-released EPs under their belt, both produced by Erik Ron (Godsmack, New Years Day), and spent the last year writing and preparing for the next stage in the band with “My God Is Fire.”

After previously spending too much time worrying about the ever-changing sounds of the music scenes of LA, the band decided to regroup and create an album full of songs they would love to hear and have fun playing. Music that doesn’t come from a place of passion isn’t worth spending time on.

With the release of “My God is Fire,” the band hopes their music’s message serves as a directive to listeners to hold strong to their passions and don’t let the burdens of life get in the way.

Rival Tides is:
Robyn, Spencer, Jason, and Greg

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RT Blue Backdrop.jpg